Top Reasons You Should Get Botox Cosmetic:

There are multiple reasons to love Botox. You may not be aware of just how much Botox can do! Our nurse practitioner Ashley Pontenberg is an expert injector with tricks up her sleeve for all sorts of issues. Here are some reasons you might benefit from a little Botox right now!

Cosmetic Botox

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You have wrinkles or lines on your face

Certain exaggerated facial movements are responsible for something called dynamic wrinkles. Temporarily relaxing key muscles in the face with Botox allows the skin to remain smooth. This lets the skin heal and thicken, which softens and even eliminates lines and wrinkles. Botox also has a preventative effect. Started early, it can prevent these wrinkles from ever showing up.

Your makeup settles in those lines

Wrinkles have a way of collecting whatever we put on our skin. It’s not a good look. Botox will smooth those lines out, and your makeup will go back to being flawless.

People say you look angry, sad or tired when you are not

A little Botox can go a long way when you’re tired of hearing you look tired. And when you look good, you feel good. (So, if you actually are sad or angry, it might help with that too!)

You want to look refreshed & younger

One great thing about Botox is that no one will be able to tell you had anything done. People will notice that you look great but won’t be able to put their finger on exactly why. You’ll just look rested and refreshed.

Cosmetic Botox

You get migraines

Botox is FDA approved for the preventative treatment of migraines. Over 500,000 migraine patients have been treated with Botox since the FDA first approved it in 2010. Botox can help stop a headache or a migraine before it even starts. There’s no need to suffer any longer.

You excessively sweat on your forehead, hands/feet or underarms (when you aren’t working out)

There’s actually a name for this, and you’re not alone. Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, is an issue for an estimated 2-3% of the American population. Luckily, Botox is FDA approved to treat this condition. It works (and works well) by temporarily blocking the release of the chemical that “turns on” your sweat glands.

You have big or noticeable pores

A small amount of Botox can be introduced just under the skin to reduce the appearance of large pores, reduce oil production and even prevent acne. Often referred to as “Micro Botox,” it affects the muscles that regulate the pores. This treatment will leave your skin looking smoother and tighter for months.

Cosmetic Botox

You have asymmetry on your face

Is your jaw more prominent on one side of your face? Maybe one of your eyelids hangs over one eye more than the other. Botox in the hands of a skilled injector like Ashley can even things out!

Your eyebrows are getting droopy

The longer we hang around this planet, the more gravity begins to take its toll on our faces. When your eyebrows start to succumb, Ashley can help. A Botox brow lift is an advanced technique that involves relaxing the downward pulling muscle of the eyebrow. The result is a lifted, smoother brow and eyelid area.

You have TMJ or teeth clenching issues

Botox can be a lifesaver for jaw problems. It works by relaxing tense or hyperactive jaw muscles. As an added benefit, in addition to relieving jaw pain, Botox can narrow the appearance of a broad face or square jaw.

You have uncontrollable twitching on your face/eyelid

Botox was first used to treat eyelid spasms. Its cosmetic benefits were a welcome side effect for many patients. Ashley can help if you’re dealing with unwanted twitching.

Cosmetic Botox

Noticing vertical neck bands? Strategically placed Botox will reduce the contraction of these platysmal bands (the technical name for them), restoring a smooth appearance to the neck.

You want subtle lip definition

Filler is a popular choice for adding volume to the lips. But, did you know that a small amount of Botox can be used to cause the lip to flip outward slightly, creating the appearance of a poutier mouth? Carefully relaxing a muscle called the orbicularis oris produces this effect. Botox can be used by itself or in addition to filler to enhance the lips.

Your chin has dimples or an “orange peel” appearance

If your chin is not as smooth as it once was, you’ll be happy to know there’s a quick fix. A couple of strategically placed Botox injections will relax the overactive muscles causing the dimpling. Your chin will appear fuller, smoother, and more youthful for up to four months with just one treatment.

Your nose wiggles when you talk

Have you noticed that your nose moves when you speak, and it bothers you? A little Botox can wipe out that wiggle and your insecurity along with it.

What can Botox do for you? Call, text, or email Artistik Beauty today to find out!

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