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This is not your mama’s hair removal! Diolaze XL is one of the fastest, most efficient options for the removal of unwanted hair. This safe, FDA-approved LHR (laser hair removal) technology uses multiple wavelength laser energy plus a Sapphire 3CP tip for cooling, which helps to ensure fast, comfortable treatments that are safe for all skin types.

LHR targets the hair follicle while it’s at a certain stage of the growth cycle and with each treatment you can expect to notice a 20-30% reduction of growing follicles.  More treatments = less hair. We recommend 6-8 treatments for desired results and near complete removal of unwanted hair, only then requiring the occasional touch-up.

What areas do we treat? All of them. Most popular areas for women are legs, bikini, underarm and lip/chin, and men are often treated on the back/chest, ears and neck – hello, no more shaving = no more razor bumps! Yes, sir.

*Note: LHR treatments can and will make your skin more photo-sensitive, so avoid sun damage by making sure you’re regularly applying sun protection.

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