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If we had a dime for every client who was terrified of chemical peels, we would be typing this from our own private island! With a variety of types and strengths, Artistik Beauty offers several chemical peels that are safe for almost any skin type and condition without fear. Light peels are great for sensitive skin and rosacea, but will differ from medium and strong peels intended to treat sun damage, wrinkles, thick, Melasma, acne and/or scarred skin. Peels are a great option in the spring and fall, helping your skin shed dead skin cells, seasonal damage and debris. As maintenance, we recommend a quarterly peel treatment for increased skincare product penetration and better makeup absorption.

Chemical peels are most often considered a facial treatment but they are excellent options for the neck, chest, hands, arms, back, and most areas of hyper-pigmented skin. Try with Dermaplaning for even better results!

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