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Also known as the “Botox Facial” this treatment is a staff favorite at Artistik Beauty and the perfect prep for a big event! Aquagold itself is a unique applicator vial device containing 20 golden micro-channeled needles (thinner than a human hair) capable of delivering small droplets of medical-grade treatment solutions directly into the skin, allowing for high absorption of active ingredients. The solution will vary based on your specific needs but some of our most popular include blends of MicroBotoxPlatelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Hyaluronic Acid fillers and SkinMedica growth factors. Expect immediate glowing results with improvement of texture and tone that continue to develop within two weeks – with no pain, bleeding, bruising or swelling. This is an excellent treatment for superficial concerns like fine lines, sweat glands, milia, redness, acne flares, telangiectasia, enlarged pores and overall health of the skin – and it plays VERY well with almost any other anti-aging skin treatment –consider adding on to your next appointment to take your results even further!

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