Top 12 areas Botox is used Aesthetically from the neck up

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Top 12 areas Botox is used

Crow’s Feet

You know the lines that form on the outer corners of your eyes when you smile or laugh? Are those lines starting to be visible when you’re not smiling or laughing? A little bit of Botox will help soften those lines by relaxing the muscles in that area.


Glabellar (Frown Lines or 11’s)

Do you have two lines between your eyebrows that look like the number “11?” These are a result of frowning and worrying over the years. Eventually, these lines that form when you frown are visible even when you’re not frowning. Some precisely placed Botox will smooth out these lines and help train you to stop making that face as often.

Top 12 areas Botox is used


Lines that go horizontally across the forehead are a common complaint. These are the lines that form when you raise your eyebrows. Having your forehead lines injected with Botox will not only soften their appearance, but it will prevent them from becoming deeper over time.

Top 12 areas Botox is used


Chin (“Orange Peel” Look)

Have you noticed that your chin looks dimply or puckers when you purse your lips, chew, or talk? This isn’t the most attractive look, but luckily just a few units of Botox will smooth your chin right out. No more “orange peel” chin for you!


Lip Lines (Smoker’s Lines)

Vertical lines around the mouth are sometimes referred to as “smoker’s lines,” but they aren’t only seen in people who smoke. Whatever the cause of your lip lines, a small amount of Botox will help to smooth them out. Our nurse practitioner has advanced training, making her an excellent choice for more advanced applications of Botox such as this.

Top 12 areas Botox is used

Masseter (Face shaping; Clenching)

Do you have TMJ or jaw pain from clenching or grinding your teeth? Do you have a broad or square looking jaw? The masseter muscle is activated during chewing and can enlarge over time due to overuse. Botox to the masseter muscle can not only help relieve pain from clenching and grinding but can reduce the size and shape of the jaw. By preventing overactivity of the muscle, Botox causes the overgrown masseter to shrink slightly, resulting in a slimmer, less square jawline.

Top 12 areas Botox is used

Depressor Muscles on the Lower Face (Droopy Mouth)

As everything else on your face starts to slowly go south, the corners of your mouth can follow suit. A downturned mouth can make it look as though you’re perpetually frowning. The depressor anguli oris (DAO for short) are a pair of muscles that pull the mouth and lips down slightly. When this muscle is relaxed with a small amount of Botox, it allows the muscles above the lip to lift the corners of the mouth upward. Say goodbye to your permafrown.


Platysmal Neck Bands

Do you notice vertical bands in your neck, especially when you make certain facial expressions or grimace? These are called “platysmal neck bands” and are a result of the platysmal muscle in your neck becoming stretched out with age. Botox will help relax this muscle, smoothing the appearance of the bands. As a bonus, treating this area with Botox is sometimes referred to as the “Nefertiti Lift.” It not only helps improve the appearance of the neck but can help define the jawline.

Top 12 areas Botox is used

Lip Border (Lip Flip)

While dermal filler can add volume to the lips, Botox can be used to give a prettier, pouty look to the mouth. Botox is used to relax a muscle called the orbicularis oris, which causes the lip to roll outward slightly. This creates the illusion of a bigger lip, without adding any volume.

Top 12 areas Botox is used

Bunny Lines (On the Nose)

Bunny lines are small, slightly diagonal lines on either side of the nose. They’re the result of scrunching up your nose repeatedly.  Not everyone gets bunny lines; it just depends on the type of facial expressions you make. Some people scrunch up their nose when they laugh, for example. If you see lines on either side of your nose after scrunching it up, a little bit of Botox will make them disappear and prevent them from becoming more pronounced over time.


Eyebrow Lift

Injecting a small amount of Botox into the corrugator and orbicularis oculi muscles relaxes them, weakening the normal action of these muscles which pull down on the eyebrow.

As a result, the frontalis muscle can work unopposed and pull the eyebrows up. The effect is a more open eye, with more of the upper eyelid showing. The brow appears lifted, and the Botox also helps smooth wrinkles in this area.

Top 12 areas Botox is used

Nose Tip Lift

Does your nose get pulled down when you smile? A touch of Botox in the muscle responsible for this movement will put a stop to it. From there, dermal fillers can also be utilized to improve the contour of your nose, if you so choose.

Botox has countless uses, and in the hands of a skilled injector like Ashley even just a few units can make a significant improvement. Call, text or email Artistik Beauty today to find out what Botox can do for you!

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