Top 10 Reasons Why you should see me as your Injector

 (vs Botox party, Groupon or cheaper competition)

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Ashley Pontenberg: ARNP-C at Artistik Beauty

1. I have advanced and master level training. I am an advanced registered nurse practitioner and I continue to pursue ongoing education to this day.

2. I inject 1000’s of clients each year. I have a passion for what I do, and I’m good at it. I have earned the trust of many repeat clients because of my experience, skill level, and love for this work.

3. My business is legally licensed, operated, and insured. You can feel confident coming to see me. Going to an injector who isn’t licensed or insured could spell disaster for you and your face.


4. I train with top world-renown doctors. I want the very best for my clients, so I make a point of training with the very best.

5. I keep current on the latest trends, new products, and techniques, continuing education, seminars, and conferences. Aesthetics is an ever-evolving field, and ongoing training is a necessity. I want to always provide the latest products and techniques.

6. I train other doctors and practitioners. I’m respected by my colleagues and am often called upon to share and teach what I know.

7. I use Legal, and FDA approved products (not from another country or online store). You might be surprised at what some other, less scrupulous operations are up to. Be confident that you’re getting what you pay for. You don’t want just anything put in your face.


8. I don’t dilute my product. Sadly, there are those that do. Shady business owners might even offer a “deal” price on what customers don’t realize is watered down filler or Botox.

9. I can diagnose and treat complications if ever needed. While complications tend to be rare, should any arise I am trained to identify and address them. You won’t get this assurance from a Botox party.

10. I can be reached via text or email during non-business hours if you ever have a concern. I care about the well-being of my patients and make myself available to them.

The old saying is still true: You get what you pay for. If it’s too good to be true- It’s too good to be true. Don’t look for the cheapest price when it comes to cosmetic treatments. Look for experience, reputation and results.

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