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As we age the collagen in our skin breaks down. Fine lines, a loss of firmness, and rough, dull skin are all signs of this inevitable process. Skincare products and facials address the surface of the skin and help with these changes to a point, but a treatment called AquaGold Fine Touch will restore and plump the skin from within, even helping rebuild lost collagen.

AquaGold Fine Touch is a revolutionary take on microneedling that infuses a custom concoction of rejuvenating ingredients into the skin to treat multiple concerns at once. In conventional microneedling, a device is used to create multiple perforations in the skin. This activates the wound healing response and stimulates the formation of new collagen. AquaGold is the first and only microneedling device capable of delivering active ingredients into the skin through its tiny hollow needles. The device consists of a glass vial with 20 needles at one end. Each needle is finer than a human hair and plated in 24-K gold. This makes them more biocompatible with human skin and unlikely to cause irritation or allergy.


Our nurse practitioner, Ashley Pontenberg, fills the vial with a cocktail of Botox, hyaluronic acid filler, vitamins, and growth factors. Ashley can also create a blend using platelet-rich plasma (PRP). PRP is obtained by taking a small sample of your blood and harvesting the natural growth factors in it for powerful collagen stimulation. Once the custom blend is tailored to your specific concerns it’s delivered into the skin through the gold microneedles to help tighten, smooth, hydrate, lighten, clear up acne and shrink pores. This super-facial can also decrease fine crinkling under the eyes and around the mouth.

In clinical studies, intradermal administration of Botox has been shown to significantly reduce oil production, acne, and improve rosacea. Using Botox in this manner is different from traditional Botox treatments for lines and wrinkles. When used with the AquaGold device the dose of Botox is smaller, spread over a larger area of the face, and infused just under the skin–not into the muscle. This improves issues of texture like fine lines, acne scarring, and pore size. There isn’t an effect on movement or muscle relaxation like with traditional Botox.

Hyaluronic acid holds 1000 times its weight in water, helping to plump mature skin, increase hydration from within, and create a luminous, smooth and glowing complexion.

The treatment takes around twenty minutes and is relatively painless. After the skin is numb, the device is gently “stamped” across it multiple times, delivering the liquid into the dermis. There’s no downtime, so you’re able to get right back to your routine. You may have a pink tinge to your skin for an hour or two immediately following treatment. An overall smoothing and brightening of your skin will be noticeable in 3-5 days and your skin will continue to improve over the next 2 weeks. Schedule your AquaGold microinfusion facial at least one week before any special event for which you desire smooth, glowing skin.


The AquaGold device isn’t reused from person to person, which means a brand new, sterile one will be used for your treatment.

The skin on your face, neck, décolletage, or hands can be treated with AquaGold. It’s the perfect service whether your skin is already showing signs of aging, or you’re looking to prevent them. The effect is a bit like having a real-life Instagram filter applied to your face. Results last as long as 3-4 months and improve with successive treatments.

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