The Optimal Botox Package


The Optimal Botox Package: February and March only at Artistik Beauty

Purchase 40 units of Botox and get 20 units FREE—a $240 value!*

*All product must be used at one appointment. 



Botox works like magic for wrinkles and lines.  It’s commonly used for horizontal forehead lines, lines between the eyebrows, and “crow’s feet,” but it does so much more!

Do people say you look tired, angry, or sad? Do you get migraines? Sweat excessively? Are your eyebrows getting droopy? Do you clench your jaw or have TMJ? Wish your pores were smaller? Does your chin have a pebbled or “orange peel” appearance? Are you beginning to see vertical bands in your neck? Do you have facial asymmetry that bothers you? Do you want to PREVENT wrinkles? There are so many applications for Botox!

Set up your free consultation at Artistik Beauty, and together we’ll determine the best course of treatment for your concerns.

Artistik Beauty is offering promotional pricing on Optimal Treatment Packages for February and March. Ask about our Optimal Filler Package! 


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