Latisse: Gorgeous lashes guaranteed


Do you find yourself habitually eyeing the newest mascara, wondering if this is the one that will finally give you the longer, thicker, lashes you’ve dreamed of? Or maybe you take the time to painstakingly apply false eyelashes before you venture out each day. Or you pay for eyelash extensions that while beautiful, require upkeep and ultimately destroy your natural lashes?

Your eyelashes just aren’t what they used to be. Or maybe they’ve never quite been what you wish they were.

What if you could finally have the eyelashes you’ve dreamed of? Lashes that are naturally long, dark, and lush? The kind that look great whether you quickly swipe on any random mascara or go au natural for the day? Maybe it sounds too good to be true, but thanks to a product called Latisse, it’s become a reality for millions of in-the-know women.


Latisse is the first FDA-approved prescription treatment for inadequate or not enough eyelashes. It’s clinically proven to grow longer, fuller, and darker lashes, and it’s been working its magic since its approval in 2008.

Once you experience Latisse, it does seem a bit like magic, but it’s actually pretty scientific. It’s believed that Latisse works by increasing the duration of the growth (or anagen) phase of the eyelash. It also seems to increase the number of lashes that are growing at any given time. (Hair follicles each have their own independent growth cycles.) Latisse may also kick-start the active phase of growth for lashes that would otherwise be in the inactive or dormant stage.

Latisse came about as a happy accident. In 2001, Allergan developed a medicated eye drop to treat intraocular pressure and noticed that patients using it were growing longer, fuller, darker lashes as a side effect. They decided to study the active ingredient in the medication (bimatoprost) specifically for lash growth.  Once clinical trials confirmed safety and efficacy for use along the lash line, the FDA gave Latisse their stamp of approval in 2008.


LatisseSince it’s only available by prescription, you’ll want to see our nurse practitioner Ashley Pontenberg who can determine whether or not you’re a good candidate. It’s considered safe for most people except for those with specific eye problems or women who are pregnant or nursing.

Latisse is intended for nightly use. It’s a quick and easy step to add to your nighttime skincare routine. You’ll use one drop of solution per eye. Using one of the sterile brush applicators provided, you apply a thin line of product to the base of your upper eyelashes only. Latisse should never be used in the eye or on the bottom lash line, as hair growth outside the eyelid area is possible. Be sure to blot any excess liquid away with a tissue after applying.


Full results from nightly use of Latisse become visible after sixteen weeks. Often, you’ll notice some lashes becoming exceptionally long or dark in as little as four weeks.

Latisse can also help fill in sparse or over-tweezed eyebrows! Maybe you got a little carried away with the tweezing, or your brows are starting to thin with age. Whatever the case, careful and consistent use of Latisse can go a long way towards growing in fuller brows that beautifully frame your eyes. Since Latisse is only currently FDA approved for use along the lash line, this is considered an “off-label” use of the medication; but several women report an increase in the density of their eyebrows as a result of the wonder potion. (Remember, there are lots of successful off-label uses for treatments like Botox as well.)

So as not to encourage any unwanted hair growth, you’ll want to be meticulous with application to the eyebrows. A tiny drop is sufficient, or just use whatever is left on the brush after doing your lashes. You may need to trim your eyebrows a bit more than usual after a while, but the increased fullness you’ll notice should make it more than worth your while.

Because of the way Latisse works, discontinuing use will cause your lashes and eyebrows to gradually go back to their original state. Some people find that once they get to the sixteen-week mark, every other night dosing is sufficient to maintain their results.


Like with any prescription medication, there are possible side effects to be aware of. Some of the side effects reported for Latisse include temporary mild itching or redness of the eyes. Less common side effects include darkening of eyelid skin or dry eyes. (Any darkening of the eyelid is reversible by simply discontinuing use of Latisse.) Allergan has stated that permanent brown pigmentation of the iris is a potential but rare side effect.

Millions of women are enjoying long, flirty, fabulous lashes thanks to Latisse. As if that wasn’t enough of a perk; they’re also saving the time and money they once spent on false lashes, extensions, or the mascara of the moment (with its empty promises).


Latisse isn’t part of some elaborate marketing campaign like the ones that advertise what basically amounts to snake oil in fancy packaging. The clinical trials, pictures, and countless testimonials don’t lie. Ten years since its approval by the FDA, Latisse is still going strong as the number one treatment for inadequate or not enough lashes.

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